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Google Images of “atoms, splitting atoms, and nuclear fission” to get ideas for how to incorporate nuclear power into your artwork.

Sparks for Atomic Art

Ideas, memes, slogans and data to inspire Atomic Artistry, at the intersection of art, science and climate activism. These brief concepts and data can dispel myriad myths and misinformation about nuclear energy that pervade the news, entertainment and social media. For more details about nuclear energy, visit the Eco-Nuclear resource page. (INSERT LINK) These are only suggestions. We encourage your creativity and originality about the topic.


Nuclear power:

  • Could solve problems we are facing today.

  • Relates to climate change and clean energy goals.

  • Requires one square mile for a 1 Gigawatt plant to sustain a community of 876,000. To attain the same 1 Gig output by a solar plant requires 75 to 100 times more land, and up to 300 times more land for a wind farm. Small electricity plants conserve open space, trees, forests,and animal habitats.

  • Can provide affordable, reliable electricity and improve the financial and social realities in developing countries.

  • Can generate more electricity as the world’s appetite for electricity is predicted to double or triple by 2040-50. Conservation will not work.

  • Can provide base load power to “electrify everything.” Intermittent wind and solar plants cannot provide base load power because regional electrical grids depend on energy to be supplied 24/7.

  • Produces reliable affordable electricity that can economically and socially benefit women by liberating females from the pump, the wood stove and the hand-washtub. Women may also gain increased access to literacy for themselves and their children, as well as to family planning.

  • Needs to be brought out of the closet, to dispel myths and misunderstandings that pervade the mass media and cultural impressions.

  • Is safer than popular public perception would believe, and has a safety record equal to wind and solar installations.

  • Is so dense and powerful that one golf-ball size amount of enriched uranium can provide all of one person’s lifetime energy needs, and the most potent spent fuel will be contained in a 12-ounce beverage can. To gain the equivalent amount of energy from coal would require a long trainload of coal and produce a mountain of by-products and lethal air pollution.

  • Contains 100 percent of its by-products, which can be securely stored until they cool off. We have the technology to handle spent nuclear fuel.

  • Is vastly different from nuclear bombs.

  • Plants are not at risk to terror attacks, nor can bombs be built at them.

  • Is so dense that one Gummy bear size pellet of uranium provides as much energy as 1 ton of coal with 1/100th of the byproducts.

  • Has generated so few by-products since 1950 while producing electricity, that they could all could fit into one big box store.


Visit Isabelle Boemeke on TikTok and YouTube for more pro-nuclear themes.



  • Save a tree (or whale), split an atom

  • For the world we want – let’s go nuclear 

  • What about the whales?

  • I believe in data (or science)

  • Because the world needs reliable, clean energy 

  • Clean energy for a cleaner world

  • There are no solutions, only trade offs

  • Bring nuclear energy out of the closet to reduce fear, myths and misconceptions

  • Waste not, want not – all electricity sources create harmful by-products

  • Stay lit with nuclear power

  • Powering progress, safely and sustainably 

  • Powering the future – responsibly

  • Powering the future – one atom at a time

  • Power the future with clean nuclear energy


Nuclear power:

  • Is a smarter energy choice

  • Produces big benefits from a small footprint of land

  • Preserves trees, forests, and habitat for wildlife 

  • Is always on

  • Provides a safe future

  • Is tomorrow’s energy today

  • Is the only choice that contains 100% of its spent fuel

  • Holds the future in our hands

  • Is the energy that never fails

  • Is clean energy that can take on a storm

  • Gives more, takes less

  • From atoms to homes – powering your life

  • Splitting atoms, unleashing energy

  • Go green with nuclear power

  • Electrify the world with nuclear power

  • Create a brighter future – with nuclear power

  • Doing our part for a better planet – with nuclear power

  • A brighter future begins with nuclear power

  • Energy independence with nuclear power

  • Let’s beat pollution – with nuclear power

  • Clean energy that delivers – nuclear power

  • The energy choice that preserves our planet – nuclear power

  • For the love of science, learn the facts about nuclear power.

  • For the love of the earth, air and sea, reconsider nuclear energy.

  • For the love of your children’s children, learn the truth about nuclear.

  • For the love of the planet and the next generation, open your mind about nuclear energy.

  • For the love of trees, polar bears and whales, reconsider nuclear energy.


This project is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Fitchburg Art Museum and Eco-Nuclear Solutions.

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